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3 Reasons Every New Homeowner Needs a Robot Vacuum

People are always making moves and calling new places home. I’m sure you know someone who recently moved or bought a new home. With a new home, usually comes redecorating and a new mindset on organization and cleanliness for the home. 

Of course, we could go on and on about why a robot vacuum is one of the best smart home products you could own. But in short, here are three reasons every homeowner needs one.  

  1. Ensures Your Home Always Feels New: Keep that new home smell and feel. Enjoy your new home, while also maintaining the well-being of your space with your robot vacuum doing the hard work. 
  2. Integrates with Smart Home: The ability to connect your robot to your Amazon Alexa or similar smart home device, you can start, stop, pause cleaning and more simply by asking your device! 
  3. Time Saver: Take the time to set up your new space. Using routines in the MyNeato app, schedule your Neato to clean when it’s convenient for you! 

In addition to these reasons, there are other perks of a robot vacuum. And while we have the vacuuming covered, keeping a home clean is no easy task. We understand that and even use a few hacks we found on TikTok to make our lives easier. 

Each of our robots is unique in their own way! Find the robot right for you and your new home using our online tool. 

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