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3 Ways to Keep Your Neato Feeling Fresh

Whether you’ve had your Neato robot vacuum for two days or two years, keeping your robot feeling fresh should be a priority. Think of it like the routine services you take your car in for – except these are much simpler, cheaper, and are easy to do yourself! From giving your robot a good cleaning to dressing it up with some new accessories, follow our tips to keep your Neato feeling its best. 

  1. Care and maintenance – If you do this already. Skip down to #2. It’s important to clean the sensor, brushes and filter regularly. Follow our instructions on how to clean these various components! 
  2. Primp your robot – If you read pimp your robot, that’s essentially what you’re doing here – so all good. Your robot can get a little dusty and dirty – after all, it’s doing all the hard work. Pamper your cleaning buddy with a light wipe down. Take a soft cloth and clean the exterior of your robot! 
  3. Fragrance Pods – No, you aren’t dreaming. Neato Fragrance Pods are here and available in our store to purchase! With three refreshing scents to choose from, just pop one of these bad boys into a pod-compatible filter and every time your robot cleans, you’ll get a fresh scent. 


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