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5 Tips to Keeping Your Allergies in Check This Spring

Allergies. We know them, and undoubtedly dislike them. Plant pollination is cool and all for the earth, but not so much when it affects our immune system. Mold (gross, we know) can also be a culprit of allergies after heavy rainfall in springtime. With allergy season in full swing now, we wanted to share our tips for keeping those pesky symptoms under control. 

  1. Wash your bed sheets weekly – It’s a chore and can seem like a lot but can really make a difference. Allergens in the air are going to naturally fall onto your bedding, not to mention those dead skin cells that have been accumulating since your last wash. Not much you can do about it but wash it out often! 
  2. Rock your wearables – Put on those shades and even a hat to protect your eyes. Not only will you look very stylish, these accessories will help keep the pollen out and away from your eyes. 
  3. Use your Neato D10 – As your Neato robot does the cleaning, the true HEPA filter inside will capture up to 99.97% of allergens and fine dust particles. This will allow you to breathe easy and stress free. 
  4. Launder your clothes – This may seem like an obvious remedy, but extremely crucial after being outdoors. One tip we like to follow is to peel off those articles of clothing worn outdoors and keep them out of the main living spaces of your home. Throw them in the wash as soon as you can!  
  5. Shut your windows – Fresh air and a morning breeze may be tempting to crack open that window. Let us do you a favor and advise you to keep those things shut. It’s easy for allergens to float through the window screens and affect our immune systems.  

We hope you follow these tips and any allergy symptoms you have are kept under control this spring. If you give any of these tips a try, let us know how they helped you by sharing and tagging @NeatoRobotics on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

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