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5 Ways to Improve Your Wellbeing

In case you missed it amongst your other responsibilities and activities, September is self-improvement month. We’ll let you interpret that the way you want. At Neato Robotics, our mission is to improve everyday life through robotics. Improving your everyday life can encompass a lot of things. Finding time for yourself is important – and when you can squeeze in some me-time, try some of these ways to celebrate self-improvement month.  

  1. Social media cleanse – Pick a weekend (or 1-2 days) in the month to disconnect from your social media apps. Spend the weekend doing the things you love with the people you love. Still keep that phone on you if you’d like so you can capture some of the moments in pictures and videos! You can share those later on social media 😉  

  2. Read a book – It’s time to grab that book that’s been sitting on your shelf waiting for you to read. Try to schedule 30 minutes or 1 hour in your day to sit back and escape in your newest read. 

  3. Pamper party – Treat yourself to some relaxing self-care. Whether you fancy a face mask or a cozy bubble bath, you do you to pamper yourself. Oh, and we suggest lighting a few candles to set the mood for yourself! 

  4. Start a new hobby – You’ve always wanted to learn to play the guitar – well, this is just an example – but if you want to learn to jam to Jack Johnson’s Banana Pancakes, now’s the time! It takes that first step to get going and better yourself. 

  5. Get outside – The fresh air, sights and sounds of nature and vitamin D can have a positive impact on the soul. Are the trails calling your name? Or maybe a round of golf with the crew will do you some good? You choose, just try and get outdoors! 

Do your best to find a little time to do something that makes you happy or give something new a try. And while you're busy caring for yourself, schedule your Neato robot vacuum to clean up so you can come home to a clean space and feel refreshed. 

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