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Guide to Returning to the Workplace – from your home’s POV

It’s time to trade in those sweatpants for some work pants (just for your 9-5) then throw those sweats back on. The time has come where if it hadn’t already, your pre-2020 commute into work might be back in action. And as the world begins to get back on its feet after about two years of involuntary remote working and what seemed like countless hours in the home, we’re returning to our everyday routines and activities again. 

Though this may not be the first thing that comes to mind when returning to the workplace, we’d like to help you remember that just because you’re spending less time at home, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need regular cleaning. 

We’ve returned to the office here at Neato Robotics too, so we know what you’re in for. Here’s a guide to follow to be sure that you’re giving your home cleaning the attention it needs as you start getting busier.  

  • Before you leave for work in the morning, do a quick clean sweep of your home and put things back in their place. This way, you come home to a tidy space.  
  • Wipe down your countertops after every use. Keeps the germs away and leaves less work for later! 
  • Add a calendar event in your phone for ‘Weekly Clean’. You’ll get a reminder notification to keep you accountable. 
  • Schedule a routine for your Neato. Once, twice or three times a week. Whatever you need to do to keep your home dirt, dust, and dander free. 
  • Every night before hitting the sack, do another clean sweep around the house to put things away. It’ll help you sleep at night knowing you’ll wake up to a clean home.  

Easier said than done, we know. But give it a try as you’re ramping up to your full pre-pandemic routines. Following this guide will give you and your home peace of mind, knowing your home will be taken care of. 

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