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What Do a Neato Robot Vacuum and Wine Have in Common?

That common saying of ‘aging like fine wine’ has never been truer than it is now for our intelligent robot vacuums. Are we about to compare ourselves to wine? You’re darn right we are. Our Silicon Valley global headquarters are less than an hour and a half’s drive in a Tesla (we’ll get back to this part in a moment) to Napa Valley, the wine haven of North America – so like many of you, we think about wine often. 

Now we’re no Master Sommelier, but we do know that the notes of some wines change and develop over time. As Anne Krebiehl MW states in her article for Wine Enthusiast, “nothing in wine is ever static”. This is also true for our Neato D8, D9 and D10 robot vacuums. Just like the acids and alcohols react to form new compounds to develop new flavors in wine, our Neato robot’s intelligence is constantly evolving and learning to provide new features and cleaning suggestions. To put it simply, our Neato gets smarter with age. 

In order to age well, bottles of wine need specific temperature-controlled storage with minimal light. This will allow the wine to mature properly. Any wine snob knows this and takes the time to care for their wine delicately. We like to think that our #NeatoClean community does the same for their robots. It’s important to care for your robot just like you would your wine, so your Neato ages well. This is very easy to do, and very difficult to mess up – you got this. To do so, be sure to stay up to date on caring for your robot with tips on our website. In short, don’t step on or kick your robot, change your Neato’s filter every few months, and clean the brushes, filter and sensor windows often. With this simple care and your robot’s intelligence constantly enhancing, your Neato will last you a long time.  

Our Neato robot vacuums not only aesthetically age well, but they also gain intelligence after purchase. Our robots’ firmware is updated often, both to improve core functionality as well as introduce exciting new features. The best part is you don’t have to do anything to enjoy these updates! Our Neato robots receive their updates automatically, (or over-the-air (OTA) if you want to join our tech talk community). If you’re familiar with OTA technology, you’ll know that our neighbors in the Silicon Valley at Tesla were the first to engineer features and functionality for a car through OTA updates, and if you think of your Neato as a mini-autonomous EV, the comparison is rather apt. Not only do Neato robot vacuums enjoy over-the-air updates, but just like self-driving cars, they are intelligent and learn their surroundings through machine learning and AI, getting smarter and more efficient over time.  

And if you’re wondering when you should enjoy your Neato, unlike savoring your aged fine wine, it’s important to enjoy your robot often. Afterall, it will only make your everyday life more enjoyable! Now, go pour yourself a glass of your favorite red or white, and kick your feet up as your Neato does the cleaning– you deserve it.

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